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S.O.S  Yo soy 132

Yo soy 132

First official video produced by the Yo soy 132.


A short film featured in the event organized by the #YoSoy132 called “Fiesta de las luces” (party of lights). The film was screened on a wall of Televisa, one of the largest tv enterprises in Mexico which has a long history of complicity with government.


Footage of a Yo soy 132 protest in Mexico City on the 23th on May 2012.

“Mexico and beyond”

Denise Dresser lecture, “Mexico 2012 and Beyond” at the Centre for Latin American Studies, CU Berkeley. Where she spoke about the current political and economical situation in Mexico. She analyses the Peña Nieto model, the return of the PRI, the war on drugs and other key pieces in Mexico’s present, past and future.

“Atenco: Braking the Siege”

A documentary by Canal 6 de Julio and Promedios.
This video analyzes the events in San Salvador Atenco during the first days of May, 2006 and denounces the violation of the civilian population’s human rights by state and federal police forces.

Synopsis (form Canal 6 de Julio website):
The documentary deconstructs the mass media’s operating methods, which were responsible for creating a climate of fear and an information blockade on the events in San Salvador Atenco, in the midst of an especially delicate situation: the 2006 process of presidential succession in Mexico.

“A Schizophrenic State”

A documentary by Charlotte King.
“Since 2000 Mexico has been considered democratic by the international community, but there is evidence that the authoritarian abuses of the past continue to take place on the ground.”

For more information visit go here.


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