Here you can find information about the birth of the movement “Yo soy 132” and the first months of its development. For recent articles and news see POSTS.

After the release of its first video, the movement “Yo soy 132” has grown at an incredible rate. Today, there are thousands of members actively participating in its diffusion and organization, not only in Mexico but worldwide. Protests, conferences and debates have been held. Mexican students in foreign countries have created their own action groups and have helped the “Yo soy 132” voice to be heard internationally.

Here you can find some articles talking about the rise of the movement; explaining the political and social factors behind it and reflecting on its future.

The New York Times:
“In recent weeks, the online protests have evolved into mass demonstrations in the capital and spread to other parts of the country. Newspaper columnists have described the students in heroic terms; thousands of messages about #yosoy132 have skittered across social media networks while satellite groups have appeared in Chicago and San Francisco and their videos are getting views.” 

In Protests and Online, a Youth Movement Seeks to Sway Mexico’s Election

Adam David Morton:
“Once again, Mexican students are embedded in the deep roots of national conditions but with clear global parallels including this time the indignados in Spain, student protests in Britain and Quebec, Occupy Wall Street, and the Arab Spring as symbolised by the transition in Egypt and the taking  of Tahrir Square.”

Turn off the TV, turn on the truth.

“As Jorge Castañeda explains in Perpetuating Power: How Mexican Presidents are Chosen (2000), ‘the purpose of the Mexican elections, at least until 1994, would not be to pick a president among several aspirants, but to ratify and legitimise a decision already made.’ It appears that el dedazo is back but this time in the guise of Televisa.”

Televisa,Yosoy132 and the struggle for democracy in Mexico.

Interview with Patrick Cuninghame:
 I haven’t felt like this for years, about any movement.  Out of despair has come hope. 

Yosoy132: Student-led Uprising in Mexico. 

The Guardian:
Has recently published several articles  relating the Presidential Candidate Enrique Peña Nieto and Televisa, one of the two biggest news and TV corporations in Mexico.

“The document describes an “agreed fee” of 60m pesos (around $6m) covering the production of six TV adverts featuring Fox, as well as media training for five of his ministers and a series of interviews with them.”

“The files also contain proposals, budgets and promotional material involving several other politicians including the former minister of Tamaulipas state, Tomás Yarrington accused by US prosecutors of laundering money for the Gulf drugs cartel.” Mexico media scandal: Televisa’s alleged collusion with Peña Nieto.”

Computer files link TV dirty tricks to favourite to Mexico Presidency. 

The published files can be found here.

‎”Why does the Guardian feel justified in publishing the documents?

There is a clear public interest to investigate allegations of media bias in Mexico, where the issue has become a central theme of the current presidential election campaign. Media experts in Mexico have long pointed out a serious problem of transparency in public spending on political propaganda.”

Mexico’s Televisa files: how do we know they are genuine?

More related articles, like Televisa’s reply to this allegations,  can be found at the Guardian web site.


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