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“We are a nonpartisan movement made up by citizens. As such we do not express signs of support to any candidate or political party, but we respect the plurality and diversity of the members of this movement. Our desires and demands focus on the defense of freedom of expression and the right to have access to information; with the understanding that both of these are essential to form a conscientious and participatory citizenry.”

“Yo soy 132”, Manifesto.

“Yo Soy 132” is a political and social movement born as a reaction towards media bias in the current political climate in Mexico. The movement grew around the need for true democratic elections on the 1st of July this year, and the need to stop media bias in support of Enrique Peña Nieto, candidate for the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party, a party that ruled Mexico for more than 70 years). During the election, major television consortiums Televisa and TV Azteca, as well as major newspaper companies like Organización Editorial Mexicana, have clearly given preferential treatment to one candidate over the other.

On May 11th 2012, Peña Nieto visited the Universidad Iberoamericana, a private university where he expected to find support from the children of Mexico’s privileged citizens. Contrary to that, he was received by hundreds of students protesting against him, and demanding he give an explanation for acts of violence perpetrated in 2006 in the township of San Salvador Atenco during his term as governor of the State of Mexico. Peña Nieto chose, for the first time ever, to publicly speak about his decision to send hundreds of police into the streets during that conflict, resulting in serious human rights violations. He stated it had been a personal decision and legitimate use of force.  Also, he stated that those responsible for human rights violations had been brought to justice, which was false. After his statement, the candidate had difficulty in leaving the installations of the university; he had to regroup with his security team in the bathroom area, and come up with a way to escape from the throng of students that chanted slogans for justice, holding up signs, running after him, and even throwing a shoe at him.

Main media outlets dismissed the protests, and top PRI representatives suggested that the students were not real students, but had been brought there, infiltrated, by the left wing party to stage the disruption. In reaction to these remarks, 131 students from the Universidad Iberoamericana created a Youtube video where they declared to have protested freely and legitimately, proved they were students by showing their student Ids, and expressed their discontent with the media handling of the event. Future support for their plight was identified by the slogan “I am 132” after others began expressing solidarity with the students by tweeting “I’m the 132nd student”, and the name Yo soy 132 was coined. Afterwards, the hashtag was added to signalize the movement’s connection to social networks. The protest movement has been described as the Mexican spring.

As “Yo soy 132” has progressed, media outlets have chosen to provide limited or no information to the public about major political events that have taken place. Though some progress has been achieved, many important developments have not made it into headlines or television news broadcasts. However, the movement has used social networks Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to their benefit, as an alternative source of news and information about the elections.

Some of the achievements of the movement have included negotiating with the Federal Elections Institute (IFE) to extend the period for enrollment of electoral observers, thus increasing civilian monitoring on election day. “Yo soy 132” has also organized an independent debate (which Peña Nieto has refused to attend). The movement demanded that the second presidential debate be broadcast nationally on the main television channels, thus achieving the biggest rating in history for a presidential debate in Mexico.

Weeks after the movement started, generalized suspicions of media bias were confirmed by English newspaper The Guardian, which reported information leaked by an employee of Televisa, where it was clear that Peña Nieto had paid substantial amounts of money in exchange for positive portrayals of himself. Additionally, The Guardian exposed materials that confirmed the existence of an active against Lòpez Obrador in the 2006 elections, which he lost by a small margin.

“Yo soy 132”  aims to create a truly democratic state. It sustains itself as a non-partisan movement that simply seeks a democratic electoral process and the right of all citizens to receive unbiased information from the media.

Text by “Yosoy132 International”

What is YoSoy132?

The Movement YoSoy132 emerges from the widespread discontent, originated as response to the unfair social, political and economic conditions experienced in Mexico. We are a nonpartisan movement, that means we are unrelated to any partisan position or political party. This movement is a plural group that is democratic, independent, inclusive, with anti-neoliberal stance, peaceful, organized by students and is, in general, composed and executed by citizens. Therefore, we express no special support to specific candidates or political parties, for we respect the diversity of opinions expressed by the members of this movement.
We believe that information enables citizens to discuss with arguments about the problems in their government, with politicians, with dominant economic sectors and within society itself. YoSoy132 consists of people and groups working from different perspectives and interests, but all sharing the same goal: a better future for Mexico.
We openly call for coordination and political mobilization, organization and constitution of autonomous assemblies, well-informed and critical, in order to have a bearing on the future of our country.
These days, the young people of Mexico, together and united, have lit a light in the public life of the country. We kindly invite everyone to join this historic moment by contributing with ideas, courage and integrity. Let’s stop waiting! No more silence! We say: Enough! We are here!

What does YoSoy132 propose?

YoSoy132 takes the rights to the access of information and freedom of speech as their fundamental demands. The movement leads its efforts towards the democratization of the media in order to ensure transparent information, plural and minimum standards of objectivity to promote awareness and critical thinking.
Our movement emerged during 2012 electoral process in Mexico. We stand for the free, aware and well-informed vote; and we protest against the imposition of a presidential candidate that is supported by the media corporations, protecting the interests of the wealthy circles in the economic power. We seek to give actual effect to the fundamental principles of democracy, demonstrating our strong and absolute solidarity with all those, whose voices have been silenced, and with the causes of social movements in support of justice.
YoSoy132 integrates to its fight, the ideas of the various committees that make up the movement with the important purpose to constitute permanent working forums to generate proposals on topics such as: education, human rights, social violence, law enforcement, public health, environmental issues, media freedom, respect for indigenous people, gender equality, labour justice, among many others.

How does YoSoy132 work?

YoSoy132 is a horizontal movement composed of groups or local autonomous assemblies, which are linked in Inter-university assemblies, acting as ultimate organisms in the decision-making process. Spokespersons from these local groups attend the assemblies, bring their ideas and set out the interests and ideas of the group they represent. Each spokesperson is given a voice and the space and platform to share and discuss their proposals.So far, we have the participation and support of groups and committees of diverse educational institutions, cultural organizations, groups in defense of indigenous people, committees in the different states of the Mexican Republic, civic and rural groups, among others.

What is YoSoy132 International?

YoSoy132 International is a local assembly that aims to serve as a connection, link and exchange of information, between YoSoy132 Movement in Mexico and international supporters outside our country.Another of our tasks is to create spaces to release and circulate news, activities, events, acts of support, announcements and declarations related to YoSoy132 outside of the country; as well as to collect ideas that might emerge from committees outside of the country to share them in the assemblies of the Movement in Mexico.
Our actions include multilingual translation of documents and visual media, promotion of communication and feedback in social networks, sharing communications, reports or documents generated in Mexico and abroad, to link with individuals, groups and international media.
YoSoy132 International promotes links and networks of support to civil and student groups working in the defense of social justice causes. Despite this is a Mexican expression, we fully recognize that the situation in Mexico is not an isolated scenario but rather a part of a global phenomenon that seeks and fights to change. For this reason, we work to promote an agenda of international solidarity with other international movements, as we believe in the importance of constructing international unions for a better world for ourselves and future generations.

Currently we work with more than 30 cells in places like the UK (London, Manchester and Sheffield), Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), France (Paris), USA (New York, Chicago, San Antonio Texas and Berkeley), Canada (Calgary, Toronto and Montreal), Germany (Berlin, Bonn, Baden and Württemberg), Australia, Portugal, The Netherlands, Italy (Rome, Bologna, Sicily), China, Belgium and Argentina.

How to get contact with YoSoy132 International?

We offer this site to share videos, documents, news, photographs and materials related the Movement within Mexico and overseas. The idea is that we all build it together:
You also can find us in:
yosoy132internacionalmesa15@gmail.comwww.facebook.com/yosoy132internacionalTwitter: @132extranjeroSkype: yosoy132internacional Human rights: In case of any intimidation, threat or queries, please get in contact with yosoy132extranjero.comiteddhh@gmail.com




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