6th of September.

The Guardian on the 13th of July:

“The runner-up in Mexico‘s recent presidential election has lodged a legal challenge to invalidate the result, claiming the vote was rigged with a combination of vote-buying, biased media coverage and manipulated opinion polls.”

“The Federal Electoral Tribunal has until 6 September to resolve all formal complaints, with most observers expecting it to ratify Peña Nieto’s win in large part because, while smaller than many expected, his margin of victory of 3.3m votes is still substantial.

To hold any weight in the tribunal, allegations of vote-buying must be supported not only by evidence of gifts given, but also proof of pressure applied to ensure these resulted in votes. Evidence of media bias is even harder to link directly to quantities of ballots cast. Mexican law punishes campaign overspending with fines alone.”

To read the whole article click here. 


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