Communicate from the “Yo Soy 132” on the 1st of July 2012

To the citizens
To the citizen observers
To the media

Throughout this election day the “Yo Soy 132” movement has come out to the streets, collected information and documented a great amount of electoral crimes and violent acts. This was possible thanks to the information citizens sent us by different sources like the citizen denounce web portals, the movement’s web pages , social networks and the exceptional work of the movement’s observers whom lived themselves the violence of the day, the negligence and silence of the authorities We have received reports since the beginning of the election day and still keep flowing to this moment. The amount and the seriousness of this acts has increased as the day goes on. We have classified the received reports in different categories of recurring complaints:

1. Violent acts
2. Electoral crimes
3. Irregularities in the functioning of the poll stations
4. Threats and harassment of the citizens that took part in the observation and vigilance of the election.

As the “Yo soy 132” movement we celebrate the massive participation, observation and vigilance of the citizens all throughout the election day. However the authorities did not guarantee the legality of it nor gave any response, as they are obliged, to the denounces that happened all through the day. They could not stay at the same level as the amazing participative expression of the society. Therefore we consider that this expression gives us enough elements to say that the election was not free of irregularities, anomalies and that definitely it did not happen in the environment of peace and legality that it is required to exercise the right to vote in a free, rational and informed manner. With this scene marked by events of illegality and violence we speak for the protection, support and solidarity with all of those whom, bravely, went out to the streets to defend and safeguard democracy.

If we don’t burn together, who will illuminate this darkness?
For an authentic democracy,

Yo Soy 132.


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