From me to you

I, so far from home, witnessing a fight, feeling your anger and seeing your soul. You inspired me, and full of the admiration I have for you I decided to share our voice. I want to make us feel together, even when some of us are alone. I want to seek in other countries the connection amongst us all. The sense of indignation, anger, but on top of all that of hope. Because the most rewarding part of being young, alive and  “Yo soy 132” was that, the glimpse of hope, which started shining through the corner of all we know is wrong. The reassurance of fraternity. A reminder that the battle is not lost. Being part of “Yo soy 132” redefined my expectations in this life and it has showed me that we can do more. I have admired many people, but not the way I admire youth. I respect many people, but not the way I respect my friends now that they decided to stand for freedom; that they have put their soul in the search for happiness; that they are fighting to give everyone a voice. This blog is a spec of “Yo soy 132”. It is an address on the internet to share this joy. There is nothing more than I can wish for you than to, at least for once in your life, ride the wave of change and from the top of it feel the breeze of HOPE.



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