SOS call

We need the eyes of the world set on Mexico. Please help us invigilate the coming election.

There is tension in Mexico. The political situation and the presidential election on the 1st of July are matters of growing concern in our country. Musicians, public figures, intellectuals, “Yo soy 132” and    other groups are campaigning to stop Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN) and the PRI to get back into power. Mexicans are fighting against the imposition of a president and the return of the PRI, who governed our country for more than 70 years. Mexico has lived under the rule of a political oligarchy for decades. Sustained in power in part by the support received by media outlets, the last episode of this monopolistic rule includes the innumerable irregularities that have been present throughout these elections. Today Mexico has little trust on its electoral system. Many alternative counting platforms have been created. People have been encouraged to take pictures of the results published outside each voting place and to upload the results to this alternative platforms. Many citizens have volunteered as official observers during the election process and many more are trying to report irregularities, such as political parties buying votes. There is not much time left, but there is hope that with joint efforts form citizens, state institutions and press this coming election will be transparent and there will be no room to question its outcome.

If you want to know more watch Denise Dresser lecture, “Mexico 2012 and Beyond” at the Centre for Latin American Studies, CU Berkeley. Where she spoke about the current political and economical situation in Mexico. She analyses the Peña Nieto model, the return of the PRI, the war on drugs and other key pieces in Mexico’s present, past and future.

Alternative counting website: FotoXCasilla.
Musicians with “Yo soy 132” : #MusicosConYoSoy132
SOS Twitter hashtag: #SOS132
SOS videos:



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