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From me to you

I, so far from home, witnessing a fight, feeling your anger and seeing your soul. You inspired me, and full of the admiration I have for you I decided to share our voice. I want to make us feel together, even when some of us are alone. I want to seek in other countries the connection amongst us all. The sense of indignation, anger, but on top of all that of hope. Because the most rewarding part of being young, alive and  “Yo soy 132” was that, the glimpse of hope, which started shining through the corner of all we know is wrong. The reassurance of fraternity. A reminder that the battle is not lost. Being part of “Yo soy 132” redefined my expectations in this life and it has showed me that we can do more. I have admired many people, but not the way I admire youth. I respect many people, but not the way I respect my friends now that they decided to stand for freedom; that they have put their soul in the search for happiness; that they are fighting to give everyone a voice. This blog is a spec of “Yo soy 132”. It is an address on the internet to share this joy. There is nothing more than I can wish for you than to, at least for once in your life, ride the wave of change and from the top of it feel the breeze of HOPE.




This video was created by the musicians who support the movement “Yo soy 132”, #Musicosconyosoy132. The title is “a birthright”, referring  to  the freedom of speech.The video is set at the monument to the Mexican Revolution in Mexico City.

SOS call

We need the eyes of the world set on Mexico. Please help us invigilate the coming election.

There is tension in Mexico. The political situation and the presidential election on the 1st of July are matters of growing concern in our country. Musicians, public figures, intellectuals, “Yo soy 132” and    other groups are campaigning to stop Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN) and the PRI to get back into power. Mexicans are fighting against the imposition of a president and the return of the PRI, who governed our country for more than 70 years. Mexico has lived under the rule of a political oligarchy for decades. Sustained in power in part by the support received by media outlets, the last episode of this monopolistic rule includes the innumerable irregularities that have been present throughout these elections. Today Mexico has little trust on its electoral system. Many alternative counting platforms have been created. People have been encouraged to take pictures of the results published outside each voting place and to upload the results to this alternative platforms. Many citizens have volunteered as official observers during the election process and many more are trying to report irregularities, such as political parties buying votes. There is not much time left, but there is hope that with joint efforts form citizens, state institutions and press this coming election will be transparent and there will be no room to question its outcome.

If you want to know more watch Denise Dresser lecture, “Mexico 2012 and Beyond” at the Centre for Latin American Studies, CU Berkeley. Where she spoke about the current political and economical situation in Mexico. She analyses the Peña Nieto model, the return of the PRI, the war on drugs and other key pieces in Mexico’s present, past and future.

Alternative counting website: FotoXCasilla.
Musicians with “Yo soy 132” : #MusicosConYoSoy132
SOS Twitter hashtag: #SOS132
SOS videos:


The Guardian, 27th of June 2012

“The Guardian first reported on 7 June that documents from 2005 appeared to detail Televisa’s sale of favourable coverage to several politicians, including Peña Nieto. On Tuesday it published documents that said a secretive unit codenamed “team Handcock” commissioned videos to promote the candidate and his PRI party, and rubbish rivals, in 2009.”

“CNN’s Spanish-language news service and influential news sites such as carried the story prominently but Televisa’s news bulletins did not report the controversy – an example followed by several leading media organisations, which ignored or downplayed it.” 

“Members of YoSoy132, a student-led movement that has mobilised months of protests against what it calls Televisa’s bias, held a rally outside the network’s headquarters in Mexico City. They launched a Twitter “SOS” for artists and journalists to focus on Mexico’s election.”

Rory Caroll in Mexico City.

Click here to read the whole article.

Yo Soy 132 London at The Guardian

On the 26th of June 2012 the group “Yo soy 132 London” gathered outside the Guardian offices in London. Mariachi and and folk dancers took part of this serenade for the british news paper.

Photo by Marisa Polin

Netherlands bike tour


Amsterdam- La Haya. Starts at 10:00 am, meeting point Dam Square;
Leiden – La Haya. Starts 2:00 pm, meeting point Delft;
Delft- La Haya. Starts at 2:30 pm.
Event link

Flashmob, #YoSoy132Paris

Sunday 24 June 2012, Museum of Modern Art, Paris.

“Claiming for real democracy in Mexico and demanding medias to stop manipulating information to favourite Enrique Peña Nieto, PRI’s presidency candidate.”

Photo by Alejandro Argumedo

For more pictures please visit this site. 

Festival 132

This is a picture of the Festival 132.
Mexico City, 23th of June 2012.Image

Dear Radiohead

“In the dark times 
Will there also be singing? 
Yes, there will also be singing.
About the dark times.” 
Bertolt Brecht

Dear Radiohead,
The Mexican youth has decided to stand against tvheads and one or two unfortunate radioheads as well. We have created the movement Yo soy 132 (I am 132) to try to stop the media bias and the manipulation of information. This is a long standing problem in our country, and is playing a key role in the upcoming presidential elections (1st July). TV networks and news papers have been distorting information and have been clearly supporting one of the candidates, Enrique Peña Nieto. Documents confirming these allegations were released by the Guardian this month.
The movement Yo soy 132 is fighting for a clean electoral process and the democratisation of information. Many big protests and events have been held in Mexico, most of these were overlooked by the press.

We are in need of international support. We want the eyes of the world to help us invigilate this coming election. We need your voice!

You can find more information about the movement and what it stands for in this blog. Any form of support would be greatly appreciated. Most people have been sending a picture to myphoto132@gmail in which the words “Yo soy 132” are clearly visible. These have been shared on this blog, and on various social networks.

If this message does not get lost in a sea of information, we would love to hear back from you.

Please help us getting Radiohead to read it by tweeting them this post (short link